Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin Okhotino

Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin Okhotino

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Bright colors. Energetic smear texture.

The energy of the strokes creates the effect of the movement of clouds and the rustling of leaves, the texture of applying strokes enlivens the whole landscape - it moves and shimmers when the viewer's gaze moves. The effect is very unusual and amazing.

The village of Okhotino is a special love of the artist, therefore the whole picture is saturated with enthusiasm and love. The author of the canvas delights literally every smallest detail in his native and beloved landscape. According to the contemporaries of the artist, paintings of landscapes were born from the artist spontaneously and very easily.

The artist himself described in his autobiography the ease of birth of his canvases. "Released. Had seen. He took an easel, canvas and paints. Wrote »He was inspired by the beauty of any minor detail. He saw the nuances in the moment and with great inspiration imprinted it on his masterpieces.

Village houses with sharp roof tops, immense expanse extending far beyond the horizon, moving clouds and rustling foliage are saturated with the artist's love and admiration. He wanted to leave in the memory of his descendants this stunning and admiring beauty of the Russian village, beautiful in its simplicity.

The picture tells the viewer that Russian open spaces carry unprecedented energy to their inhabitants, their sky, their vast expanses, the blue sky and rivers. Particular attention in this painting is given to the sky by the artist. The sky is bright, chic and diverse. In this picture alone, you can see a piece of clear and frequent sky sparkling there in the distance above the river and sections of a neutral blue and almost a thundercloud in the foreground.

With this image, the artist wanted to demonstrate the variability of the weather and at the same time its beauty in all its manifestations. There is no bad weather. Having looked closely and accustomed to the picture, you feel the power of the vastness that the artist wanted to show. Take a look at this vast sky.

Is the river in the background? Feel her powerful flow noise? And the most interesting thing is that the viewer's first look at the picture absolutely does not see this powerful stream. And this small stretch of open spaces between the houses in front of the river, it is also barely visible, but upon closer examination it becomes clear that this is a large spacious field along which the path to the riverbank runs.

The author of this effect apparently said that the beauty of Russian nature is powerful and amazing, but it must be seen and understood. Rather, to understand it, one must listen and see.

In his landscapes, the artist portrayed the great love of his soul - RUSSIAN VILLAGE.

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