Description of the painting by Alexander Makovsky "Tired"

Description of the painting by Alexander Makovsky

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Oil on canvas, date of creation - 1897. The work can be seen in the Odessa Art Museum.

The artist was distinguished by a rare skill - he turned a case from everyday life into a fascinating plot in his picture. Observation, the ability to notice small characteristic details characterize all the work of Alexander Makovsky.

The author depicted a genre scene from life - a meeting of a guy and a girl on the outskirts of the village. The action takes place in Ukraine - the girl’s head is decorated with a traditional national wreath with wide colored ribbons. Her outfit (a long shirt with wide sleeves, a casual skirt - a derga tied with a wide belt) also gives out the place of the meeting. In the left part, almost at the border of the canvas, one more Ukrainian “sign” is visible - a squat hut, covered with straw instead of the roof. Rare trees in the distance, a lonely bush near a rare fence - a typical picture of the boundless Ukrainian steppes.

The guy with his appearance evokes associations with the famous literary character - Grigory Melekhov. The same swarthy, forelock under the cap, mustache. The girl’s face is not visible, her mood can be judged only by the depicted pose.

Between the characters there was a quarrel.

The male figure expresses irritation and self-confidence - the guy lit a cigarette, turning away from his girlfriend, probably waiting for her to leave. He is in no hurry, leaning his elbow on a log, waiting for a violent girlish reaction behind him. His attitude to the experiences of his recently beloved girl is clearly conveyed by indifferent facial expressions.

The girl is more worried about what is happening - she leaned on the logs of the hedge, bent her head. Rocker, buckets with splashing water are lonely thrown on the road. Perhaps sadness is expressed in inconsolable tears (is this why the young man is so annoyed?), Lamentations. However, one can suppose quiet bitter sobs - she still hopes to soften the guy and regain his location.

The picture makes one empathize, compose the end of the story, admire the unsurpassed skill of the artist in depicting life in all its manifestations.

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