Description of the fresco of Black Daniel "Lono of Abraham"

Description of the fresco of Black Daniel

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This mural has become one of the most famous creations of Daniel the Black. The history of a work of art is as follows:

The old man lived with his beloved wife Sarah. The name of the old man was translated as my father is high. Once the Lord brought a man out of the city of Ur, giving him a new name - Abraham. This name translates as the father of many nations. From Abraham, the Lord brought forth a God-chosen people.

The bosom of Abraham symbolizes the protection, patronage of this sage. The painting depicts paradise - a place where human souls found their peace and tranquility. The theme of paradise, which implies hiding from misfortunes and evil, is relevant at all times.

The fresco is done in bright colors, so the background is white, personifying a clear sky. In the center of the fresco is seated Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Their faces express seriousness and thoughtfulness, and the position of their hands indicates that there is a conversation between the saints. The heads of the heroes are shrouded in golden nimbuses denoting holiness. Below the halo, inscriptions displaying the names of saints are hardly visible.

In the lower right corner is a group of people in white robes, whose heads are also surrounded by nimbuses. They are depicted absolutely peaceful and calm, probably they deserved life under the auspices of Abraham with good deeds and intentions. With his right hand, Abraham holds on to his stomach, in which the silhouettes of people are traced. The fresco is made in bright, calm colors. So, the background, in conjunction with a clear sky, is decorated with green plants, which give the image grace and holiness. At the first glance at the fresco there is a feeling of joy and tranquility.

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