Description of the painting by Vincent Willem van Gogh “Roofs. View from the workshop »nbsp

Description of the painting by Vincent Willem van Gogh “Roofs. View from the workshop »nbsp

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The painting “Roofs. View from the workshop ”was written by Van Gogh in July 1882, while he was beginning to master the basics of painting and drawing.

This picture refers to the early period of Van Gogh. Despite the fact that this was the artist’s training work, he coped with it perfectly, clearly built the landscape composition and harmoniously reduced all horizontal lines to one point on the horizon.

The tiled roof, saturated in red, occupies the entire space of the left side of the canvas, going deep into the space.

To emphasize the volume of the image and dilute the horizontal, Van Gogh adds vertical lines in the form of porches attached to the building, the roofs of which are of the same saturated red color.

In the background, the vastness of green meadows, clearly traced farm buildings and the expanse of blue sky are revealed to the eye.

The color combination of saturated red, juicy green gives the picture brightness and colorfulness. Light strokes with which the artist painted clouds in the blue sky add airiness to the image. But the dark puffs of smoke from the tubes of buildings returns the viewer to the realism of the landscape described by Van Gogh. Households in the courtyard of the house, light puffs of smoke from the pipes, and tiled texture of the roofs are masterfully and in every detail inscribed in the picture.

In general, the picture conveys high spirits, expressed in the clarity of the picture and the selected color solution.

As you know, to achieve an interesting and amazing color scheme in his creations, the artist used the mixing in one work of several techniques at once. So, Van Gogh used a mixture of two techniques, watercolors and chalk, to write the painting “Roofs, View from the Workshop”.

At this time, Van Gogh's painting “Roofs. View from the workshop ”is in the private collection of J. Renan in Paris.

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