Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Bather opening the booth”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Bather opening the booth”

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The famous painting by Pablo Picasso the Bather opening the booth is only one part of a series of paintings by the artist dedicated to the Bathers. All these works belong to the period of surrealism of the author, which at one time the artist became interested in. They are all written in different styles, however, despite this, in all the paintings, Picasso praises the beauty of the female body, distinguishing it from the contrasting background with bright colors, using thin smooth lines.

All female images in the paintings of Pablo Picasso, related to the Bathers cycle, are in the background of blue water. The work The bather opening the booth is an image of a figure of an incomprehensible yellow shape, in which it is very difficult to examine the female body the first time. This image is more reminiscent of a horse, however, in this interweaving of the strange and obvious, the surrealism of perception lies. In the hands of the figure we see a key with which she, having one foot on the step, opens a cabin on the beach. The background is displayed in blue and blue tones, which Picasso indicated the blue sea and clear sky.

In order to consider the beauty of the female body, its ideal features and special appeal, you should carefully look at the artist’s picture, throwing away all the known standards and then we will see the refined legs of the girl, whose movements are very smooth and neat, she seems to flutter near the sea.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the image, it is these paintings that are most valued by collectors of the works of the eminent artist, stored exclusively in their private property. The paintings of the Bathers cycle do not belong to a number of expensive masterpieces, but they have become a rather valuable contribution to world painting, bringing a new round of development to contemporary art.

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