Description of the painting Fyodor Semenovich Bogorodsky "Brother"

Description of the painting Fyodor Semenovich Bogorodsky

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Painting - self-portrait of Fyodor Semenovich Bogorodsky “Brother” made in oil in 1932

Genre - portrait.

The work is a romantic self-portrait, personifying the hero of the First World War and the Civil War - an important topic in the work of the artist.

In the center of the picture is a sailor in a coat, a vest, a sailor with a St. George’s ribbon falling down, carelessly thrown from one shoulder. The chest is wrapped with machine-gun belt, on the belt there is a pistol and a gray shiny grenade. The left hand supports the rifle.

The sailor's gaze pierces the viewer, captivates with indifference, wisdom, experience and knowledge, known only to the hero. One eye is slightly narrowed, an eyebrow is raised - the portrait is as if evaluating the viewer. The life of a sailor is lonely; he and the viewer live in different worlds that do not intersect with each other. It so happened that now they met each other, but for a moment, and their paths diverged. The sailor will remain in the world of the sea, storms, wind and survival. The viewer will leave for his quiet, calm house, but the feelings of tension and drama born of the meeting are unlikely to disappear from his soul soon.

The picture is filled with emotionality and passion. The hero is not free, he is submissive to his troubled and difficult fate. Tension, willingness to fight to the last are present in the eyes of the hero, tightly closed lips, strong-willed chin. The motif is repeated in the shiny, weathered hands lying on the knees with emphasized long and even nails. Finds expression in a background made by careless wide brown strokes. Reflected in a shiny grenade, machine gun belt, rifle.

The color scheme of the work is also aimed at transmitting the tension and strength of the hero. Bright saturated colors, wide strokes with tonal transitions complement the impression.

The work is stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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