Description of the painting by Edgar Degas "Dancers in Pink"

Description of the painting by Edgar Degas

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This painting was written in the genre of impressionism and is one of the most famous works of Edgar Degas, who was interested in portraying ballet stories. It is characterized by an unusual composition and a complex internal system of images.

The artist captured the moment of preparation of the ballerinas for their performance. Due to the suddenness of the moment and the ease of the girls' poses, the picture looks very dynamic. The proximity of the figures of the ballerinas to each other creates a sense of conversation. Through gestures, Edgar Degas managed to convey the beauty and grace of the dancers. The artist’s desire to depict not ballet prims bowed before the audience, but ordinary dancers awaiting their performance, makes Degas unlike other impressionists.

The experimentation of the artist affects the composition of the picture. Pink dancers are located on the right side of the work, while contemporary Degas artists depicted their heroes in the center. The picture is read from right to left. This technique is not typical of the traditional approach to art. The viewer will be interested in where the views of the four dancers are directed, and with them he will look in the lower left corner. After that, he will notice the dancers in green. Thus, when considering the picture, the viewer must circle his eyes in a clockwise direction.

Pink becomes the color dominant of the picture. Drowning girls in it makes them look like a bouquet of flowers. But this color has a special connotation.

To make it look bright, the artist intentionally darkens the skin tone of the dancers and puts them in a twilight setting. This contrast is necessary for the artist to emphasize the pallor of the artist’s skin. In the time of Degas, there was a social abyss between a rich audience and ballet dancers. Most often, the situation of the artists was disastrous. The artist sought to show what is hidden behind the bravado of the performance and how much the unnatural pallor of the ballerinas does not correspond to the defiantly bright tone of the packs.

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