Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “Portrait of Princess Saltykova”

Description of Karl Bryullov's painting “Portrait of Princess Saltykova”

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In painting portraits, Bryullov was always guided by his subtle ability to guess and capture human nature. Despite the pompous decoration of the princess's estate, the picture is distinguished by the highest degree of sincerity and lyricism.

We notice the gentle facial features of a noble lady: a noble high forehead, translucent glowing skin, slightly weary and pensive eyes of penetrating gray eyes. Masterfully, the artist managed to convey soft, flowing fabrics. It seems that we are about to hear the cool rustle of a silk dress, its smooth folds are so accurately written.

Bryullov loved and knew how to add red color to the palette. The velvet back of the chair and the scarlet cloak, beautifully encircling the princess's shapely camp, create a vivid contrast with the cold silver and blue tones of the luxurious toilet. This bright accent adds idleness, which is always a necessary attribute of a ceremonial portrait.

In a hand decorated with family rings, there is a graceful fan of peacock feathers. Under the feet of a beautiful woman is an exotic skin of a wild cat. In the background, we see languid twilight, creating a harmonious background of the canvas.

The artist’s ability to convey the image of meek femininity, softness and poetry through the rich decoration of the interior and the dazzling palette is amazing. There is no secular stiffness and pride, only sensuality, elegy and impeccable composition. The princess is a bastion of virtue and gentle insight, as a truly feminine power.

The work traces many features of the romantic style - the elevation of morality and the best impulses of human nature, the expressive play of chiaroscuro, emphasis on aesthetics, and the desire to turn a portrait into a real mirror of the soul of his lyrical hero.

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