Description of the painting “The Last Supper” by Ilya Repin

Description of the painting “The Last Supper” by Ilya Repin

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The great artist Ilya Repin created his masterpiece "The Last Supper" in 1903. Now the picture is in the Novgorod State Museum. The work was excellent. This is one of the biblical stories.

There are many candles, lamps on the table, so the room is well lit. It is light that creates the effect of movement. At the table sits Master and his 12 disciples-apostles. Each of 12 people has their own facial expression. Someone will continue to be faithful to Jesus and go with him to the end, another will betray and will not blink an eye.

Each person sitting at the table has his own facial expressions and thoughts, each of those present does not sit like the others. This gives the plot dynamism. The apostles are depicted vaguely in a free style, schematically. Jesus is sitting in the center of the table. He, dressed in a white robe, is hard to miss. It gives its image an epic look. The style of this painting is wide free strokes and sketchy style. The color scheme of the picture gives it liveliness and brightness.

The room is not only well lit, but also elegantly cleaned and quite spacious. This is the home of Simon the Leper. It was on this evening that the Son of God will tell of imminent betrayal and its imminent death. Everyone is already full after dinner and are listening to the predictions of Christ. No one can still believe that their beloved Master will soon be gone. The disciples still listen to the speeches of Christ, and this terrifies them. He is young and full of strength and cannot die.

This picture turned out especially well, because the work of Ilya Yukhimovich began precisely with the writing of icons, paintings of churches. This was his first theme, it goes through all his creative heritage. Including she made him famous during her lifetime. Portraits of the artist thanks to master strokes just come to life before our eyes. The artist was so inspired with a religious theme that he even went to the Holy Land to see those Holy places himself.

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