Description of the mosaic by Alexander Deinek “Good Morning”

Description of the mosaic by Alexander Deinek “Good Morning”

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The panel “Good Morning” is made in the mosaic technique characteristic of the monumental art. He is considered one of the brightest examples of socialist realism in this genre. The canvas surprisingly accurately reflects the era.

The focus is on a group of young men who are celebrating a new day on the rocky shore of the sea. Deineka is not afraid of nudity and even emphasizes the relief of male bodies. However, nudity is unobtrusive and does not cause disturbance of the viewer. Heroes of panels do not rush anywhere and combine swimming with breakfast and board games. The theme of sports and a healthy lifestyle is traced in every detail of the mosaic. Moral beliefs, physical strength and confidence in the future are read in the views and poses of young men. The author himself sincerely shared such beliefs. In his work, the artist intended to open to the viewer an interesting and colorful world in which young and strong citizens of a socialist society live.

Alexander Deineka used glass smalt, calcite rocks and metlakh tiles to create the panel. He considered the mosaic technique a powerful tool for monumental art. Using the volume of the room and the special properties of the material, the artist created an exceptional “color strength”. Good Morning is a successful experiment with mosaic modules. The panel consists of three parts, but disharmony and violation of the integrity of the images are not observed.

For the implementation of creative design and style of work, the work of Alexander Deineko received the Lenin Prize. This is one of the highest awards in the field of fine art.

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