Description of Pavel Filonov's painting Easter

Description of Pavel Filonov's painting Easter

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Pavel Filonov is a well-known avant-garde artist, one of the most mysterious Russian painters. He called some of his works the formulas - the formula of the flower, the formula of the proletariat, etc. He created articles where he tried to formulate the principles of analytical art. He called himself an artist-researcher, trying to draw parallels between science and art.

Persistently and accurately draw each atom, - wrote Filonov. However, due to his atypical position in the late twenties, the artist’s work was recognized as hostile to the general concept of socialism. The author was accused of formalism, of striving to escape from reality into a fantasy world. In 1930, the already prepared and announced exhibition of the artist was banned; since that time, his name in the USSR was banned.

The heroes of the Filonov genre paintings are a rather peculiar type. Often the artist depicts his characters with virtually no clothes or in a dilapidated rags. The figures are exaggerated and deformed, distorted and bent. On the faces of virtually all men and women - longing and boundless gloom. The most popular topic for Filonov is the meal, the image of figures at the table. Easter also belongs to this type of picture.

The canvas depicts a poor family at the time of the festive Easter dinner. Along with family members, angels also take part in the meal - in Filonov they are strange asexual creatures, each of which has several pairs of wings. The table is very poor - a lonely dish with fish, Easter cake, apple. But large glasses with alcohol in the hands of each character were carefully written out. Under the table is a dog and a cat, waiting for a tidbit. Filonov primitivizes figures, flattenes them, deprives details. The Orthodox concept of the Trinity is completely rethought in this picture - at the head of the table are three ordinary men clinking glasses for health, but there are only two angels.

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