Description of the painting by Ivan Seleznev “In Pompeii”

Description of the painting by Ivan Seleznev “In Pompeii”

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The mighty was the Roman Empire. Their separate colonies and cities differed in weight and strength. The famous Pompeii was no exception, it is a pity that this power did not last long. It was burned beautiful and beautiful, along with everything and everyone who was in it. Why do people suffer so much that they were guilty before God? Perhaps the whole village was so sinful that the Lord decided to wipe it completely off the face of the earth so that there would be no trace or memory of it. But this is all just speculation, and the story itself can be discussed forever. We are interested in learning the background, that is, what the artist portrayed on the canvas.

Before us is the story of two people. Perhaps they are lovers, perhaps only acquaintances. Anyway, but the topic of their discussion is interesting enough for both, because with what interest and craving for each other they look into the interlocutor’s eyes. Most likely, we witnessed a meeting, because with what tenderness the man’s eyes look at his chosen one, and how playfully she leaned on her slender pen to listen to his words.

Analyzing the decoration of these two, we can conclude that they are far from poor people. Most likely, before us are aristocrats. They are sitting in the garden, far from prying eyes. But what is this: the desire for simple solitude or the desire that no one sees them, does not unravel the secrets of their meetings. Rather, the first, because they are sitting absolutely calm, nothing gives out excitement in their camps.

The street is gradually getting colder. The sky is no longer happy with its pure blue, it is somehow dull, gray. Only occasionally white clouds float across it. The weather is changing rapidly, the wind picks up fallen leaves. The breath of autumn is heard in full. And what will happen in the fall with their feelings, is it not the last for them. Will not a terrible incident separate them from the death of a single Pompeii resident? ..

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