Description of the painting by Konstantin Pervukhin “Autumn is running out”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Pervukhin “Autumn is running out”

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Konstantin Pervukhin - a student of I. Dubovsky, the author of a large number of landscape works. Particularly popular were the paintings depicting the views of Italy. Small in size, but in detail and carefully worked out, similar to photographs, his works were readily bought up by both art lovers and people uninformed in art to decorate interiors. Therefore, many works of the author to this day are in private collections.

Belonging to the younger generation of Wanderers, Pervukhin fully reflected in his work all his inherent trends. This is a detailed, but emotional reflection of the surrounding reality, and the lyricism of the work, and the exact transmission of the mood of the landscape, and a careful choice of color. Konstantin Konstantinovich wrote mainly in the air, from nature.

The canvas depicts a moment of late autumn: leaves from the trees have already circled completely, but the snow has not yet fallen. The bare brown branches look especially dull and lonely against the background of a low gray sky; damp lifeless grass is saturated with moisture. Looking at the picture, you can feel how the earth flooded under my feet squelching under my feet. In the distance you can see the bleached church; its dark green domes almost merge with the heavy, moist air. Light fog covers the whole space, making the contours of distant objects blurry; in the fog melts a distant village and forest on the horizon.

From the canvas it blows with cold, hopelessness, a premonition of a long winter; nature falls asleep, practically dies, preparing for ice hibernation. A bell ringing seems to pour in the air; it is a funeral service on warm days, on the past summer. The painting Autumn at the end was acquired by P. M. Tretyakov for his gallery almost immediately after writing.

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