Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Naked Truth”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Naked Truth”

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Naked Truth is a picture that shocked contemporaries of Klimt. She was a daring challenge to stagnant looks and to everyone who believes that she can dictate to artists and how to create. If I may say so, with the help of this work the artist “showed the language” to his spiteful critics.

The hero of the picture is a naked woman, depicted in full growth. Her body is painted with dramatic realism. A thick pile of red, wildly curly hair, daisies woven into curls and a small mirror reflecting the truth - these are all elements of her image. The girl proclaims naturalness and immediacy.

After refined idealistic plots of the Renaissance, this impudent, uncompromising image seemed public to the vulgar. Anticipating such a reaction, Klimt supplemented the canvas with a quote from Schiller that everyone likes it - this is evil. The author’s position sounded quite bright and straightforward, which annoyed the conservative public a lot.

Despite the lack of embellishments and flirty details, the image of the woman came out very expressive and provocative. She is confident, strong and knows what impression she makes. Critics disagreed about the snake at her feet. According to one version, it is a symbol of sin, which always accompanies the carnal nature of man. According to another, in this way Klimt indicated his detractors, envious and weaving intrigue.

The background of the picture is quite simple. This is an abstract pattern on a blue background. The work is framed in a golden frame. Below is the name of the picture in Latin. The phrase Nada Veritas originally belongs to Horace and means the true state of things. The tradition of portraying the truth in the form of a girl’s nude sends us to ancient canvases, where beauties walked naked through beautiful gardens. However, the truth has never been so true.

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