Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Woman's Portrait”

Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Woman's Portrait”

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Repin was essentially a portrait painter. Single or group, strict or funny, they were equally good at this talented painter. Of course, more often we see nevertheless precisely individual canvases that help to reveal the soul and thoughts of the person being depicted as detailed as possible.

It was a woman’s portrait of a stranger who made a very big contribution to Repin’s work, although at first glance it seems absolutely typical for that time.
This is not to say about the riot of colors or significant contrasts, but this is precisely what is the main feature of the canvas. It depicts a fairly mature and beautiful woman. By her manner of holding her back, raising her head, and even by the look itself we can easily determine that she was not from the poor class of the population. But at the same time, there is not a drop in her of spoiling, depravity, or slackness. Her whole essence suggests that a woman is accustomed to work and will not tolerate others to take control of her.

The stranger’s gaze is rather severe, her lips are thin and artificially pursed to the top. You will not see a shadow of a smile or coquetry on her face. A network of fine wrinkles will tell you about the difficult fate of this lady. What so influenced her character. Where is the coquetry inherent in all aristocrats, where are the girl’s tweaks and the former cutesy. It is true that everything was left somewhere far behind, gone irrevocably, as youth is leaving. And now a woman is her own shadow, only here is a shadow of youth, brightness. We only have a memory from the former beauty, from which the face is darkened, we practically do not see it under soft and dim lighting.

The whole picture breathes restraint, modesty and some incomprehensible dryness, as if they took away all the brightness and joy of life from it, leaving only the harsh reality.

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