Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Portrait of S. V. Rachmaninov”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Portrait of S. V. Rachmaninov”

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The portrait of the great composer Somov painted among his later works. He collects all the most striking features of his artistic style. Contemporaries claimed that this portrait became a favorite with Rachmaninov. The pianist and the artist agreed that the author’s brushes were able to capture the musician’s inner world and soul very accurately.

The portrait came out rather concise, not overloaded with details and complex background. Nothing distracts from the beautiful features of a somewhat sad and pensive face. Such thoughtful simplicity was inherent in the early works of Somov. The reception favorably emphasizes the sharpness and thoroughness of the composition, the purity and accuracy of the palette, the elegance of facial expressions.

The colors used are combined under the general key - mostly light and dark shades of brown. The color scheme refers us to a retrospective, which Somov loved very much. The picture resembles a card in sepia, carefully kept by someone close in the old photo album.

The technique of using small strokes creates the effect of a smooth, enamel surface. So traditionally painted in the eighteenth century. In principle, the appeal to the old images and painting techniques is characteristic of all the artist's works.

If you look closely, you will notice that the composer's right eye is written swollen and slightly larger in comparison with the left. The fact is that Rachmaninoff suffered from neurological pains at that time. Sensitivity and attentiveness of the author could not ignore such a detail. In general, the portrait focuses on the high intelligence of its hero, the entire ensemble of emotions and emotions that left their mark on the melancholy expression on the face of the beloved composer of Russia.

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