Description of the painting by Edgar Degas "Dance Class"

Description of the painting by Edgar Degas

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Dance class is one of the most famous works of Edgar Degas. The artist wrote a lot of the artistic world, depicting actors, opera singers and dancers in his paintings. The backstage inspired the author; he often visited the Paris Opera, looking for stories for future paintings. In the end, he became behind the scenes his man. The magical country, located on the other side of the curtain, is an unfamiliar sphere for most viewers; Degas showed a simple person what the bohemian world lives with - he showed it with love, but partly with sarcasm.

Ballerinas are the main and most common theme in Degas paintings. On the one hand, the artist is delighted with ballet and the images created on the stage; on the other hand, he treats the heroines of his work ironically. The painter saw the ballet from a completely new point of view.

The author has been painting the Dance Class for years. To do this, he attended the lessons of the legendary choreographer Perrault - the teacher occupies the center of the picture. Behind the master are years full of triumphs and victories, a long life, filled with trips to different countries and brilliant performances for the best dancers of our time. Perrault is not young; he leans on a stick; but still energetic and full of ideas.

In the picture - the last minutes of the lesson. Young ballet fairies relieved tension, relaxed; only a few of them rush to repeat the necessary steps in the end. Other nymphs have already dropped, lowered their heads and hunched over their shoulders - fatigue makes itself felt. In the poses of girls there is nothing sublime or pathos; the girl in the foreground is happy to scratch her back, her friends in the back of the room straighten dresses, counting the minutes until the moment when you can finally change. The contrast of light white tutus, reminiscent of the magic of ballet, and the everyday expressions of the faces of the heroines is amazing.

The artist prescribed in detail the plank floor of the hall. Degas is one of those rare authors who attached equal importance to both the heroes of his works of art and the large, significant details, and the little things - the floor, walls, background.

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