Description of the painting Arkady Plastov “Collective Farm Holiday”

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov “Collective Farm Holiday”

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The son and grandson of icon painters, recognized by the party as a Soviet artist Arkady Aleksandrovich Plastov, is known for his peasant paintings that reflected the life of a working village.

One of these paintings is the Collective Farm Holiday, first presented at the Socialism Industry exhibition in 1937-1938 and brought great popularity to Plastov. The canvas attracts with its bright colorfulness and mass character.

For this work, the artist made about two hundred sketches of simple collective farm workers, which is why she was called a large portrait of the Russian peasantry. In it, the author shows an episode from the post-war life, in which one feels the objection of that former joy and calm before the Great Patriotic War, she agitates for happiness, calls for continued life.

In the center of the picture are festive tables with all the village dishes, on one of them is one of the symbols of the Russian village - a samovar, which treats everyone with hot tea. A banner over which the portrait of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, shouts to the whole district. Life has become better, life has become more fun. And indeed - the day off in the picture can be a holiday, people are happy, they dance, they sing, they just talk, everything terrible is behind.

The painting after publication had a long history - after the 20th Congress of the CPSU, Plastov asked the party to remove the portrait of Stalin from the painting, but the artist flatly refused, arguing that initially the presence of this portrait was not intended, but he was stubbornly asked to put the same party there, so remove he is not going to, the path remains there forever.

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