Description of the painting by Sergey Ivanov “In the order of Moscow times”

Description of the painting by Sergey Ivanov “In the order of Moscow times”

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The picture clearly tells us about the work of the command system of the 17th century. From early morning in the orders on Ivanovskaya Square there was already a line from the most diverse layers of that society, each of which came with its request.

In the picture, they crowded along the wall, waiting for the judge to free himself. The judge is sitting in the center of the table, apparently busy with another matter. Nearby are the assistants - the clerks and the chief secretary of the order. There are scrolls on the table, it should be this Council Code of 1649, or the Index Book, they should have been guided by advisers in deciding the issues that were addressed to them.

At the door in a red caftan with gold embroidery, the bailiff is important, he decides to skip the petitioner or not. The work is in full swing, the scrolls are getting longer - it means the case has dragged on, there is an orderly red tape. The beginning of the table catches your eye - a bunch of various writing instruments lie: inkwells, columns, feathers, a pot of glue that glued the sheets to make scrolls, sealing wax, wax for printing, pots with red cinnabar to write the first capital letter.

The disorder suggests that the workflow will not end soon, it is important to resolve as many requests as possible, and the clerks do not have time. One writes on his knee, and the inkwell weighs on his neck, the second draws cursive letters, and the third, taking a pen in his mouth, talks to the beggar, while the rest concentrating on his work, hooking the pen behind his ear. The goose is in the ward, and two husbands are holding a wake (bribe) in their hands, without which it was impossible to agree with the order.

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