Description of Peter Brueghel's painting “Carrying the Cross (Procession to Calvary)”

Description of Peter Brueghel's painting “Carrying the Cross (Procession to Calvary)”

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The painting was painted on blackboard with oil in 1564. One of Bruegel's sixteen canvases, which in 1566 was included in the inventory list of a collector from Antwerp Niklas Jongelink.

The painting was dedicated to chapters from the Holy Scriptures, events when Christ goes to Calvary, carrying a heavy cross made of wood. Looking at the picture, we do not see Christ, but we see a bent image of the Virgin Mary, which is located near, at the bottom of the picture. We see the mill, which is located on a lonely rock in the depths of the picture.

What do we see, casting a glance at the picture? Crowds of people walking on foot in robes of gloomy tones appear before our eyes - as Bruegel imagined peasants and philistines of the Netherlands. The artist depicted the Spanish conquerors on horseback - they are dressed in tunics of red color. The population of the Netherlands hated the conquerors for trying again to bring the Catholic faith to the lands of Flanders. A pillar with a wheel on top located on the right represents a torture instrument. The artist depicted a scavenger crow, scraps of clothing under the pillar, as if to tell us - the victim was first beaten, tied to a pillar and left to die like that. All these events have occurred recently. The judges selected a suspect in preaching the Catholic faith as a victim.

Brueghel's philosophy is to see the important, which is always in the details. Unfortunately, we very often do not see everything that is important, we are distracted by everything around. The artist tries to display on his canvases exactly the important, all the details.

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