Description of the painting Georges Seurat "Parade"

Description of the painting Georges Seurat

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Georges Cera is one of the famous representatives of the current of pointillism. The essence of this direction is to create paintings using separate strokes of a point shape. When looking at images from a distance, small dots merge into a single whole, forming a finished picture. One example of work in the style of pointillism is the painting Parade.

On the canvas, the artist depicted a parade at the Corvey Circus. The parade takes place in the evening under artificial lighting. The central figure of the composition is a circus artist with a trombone and a triangular hat. He stands on the podium in the open air in the middle of the street and invites the audience. To the right of the trombonist you can see the director of the production and the clown, the musicians are standing on the left in front.

At the bottom of the picture in front of the podium are spectators who are animatedly talking to each other. In the far right of the canvas you can see the queue for tickets. Near the ticket office with green doors, a woman and a young girl, depicted in red-orange colors, buy tickets. On the perimeter of the entire top of the canvas painted gas lamps.

The canvas consists of many small dots of yellow, green, red, orange, brown and purple. With the help of dotted strokes, the artist masterly drew a real masterpiece.

The parade was the first picture of Sera with a plot about the holiday and the dark. The painting was first presented to the public at the French exhibition of the Salon of Independents in 1888. Many critics did not accept this painting due to the lack of depth and perspective characteristic of Seer's early works. However, the Parade has established itself as the most mysterious work at the exhibition.

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