Description of the painting by Rembrandt "The expulsion of traders from the temple"

Description of the painting by Rembrandt

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Rembrandt van Rijn was born and lived for a long time in Leiden. There he studied at the university. Having not completed training, Rembrandt goes to Amsterdam to study the basics of painting. He went to students with Peter Lastman.

The artist’s early work, which deserves attention, is considered to be the painting “The Expulsion of Traders from the Temple”, which Rembrandt painted at his 20 years old (1626). The canvas is distinguished by the presence of cold tones among the colorful colorful range. For a long time, the canvas was considered fake, a fake, since the date and signature of the artist were made later with the help of an old varnish. After the studies that were conducted, the signature was recognized as copyright.

Studies showed that during the work Rembrandt changed several details - he painted the hands of characters who are in the foreground, and it was clear that he had originally planned to depict differently, the cap of the money changer had a different color, which was initially crimson in the center, then closed black on a poorly dried layer. The color of the cap of the money changer, as well as other places show us, the artist often did not wait until the previous layer dries.

The plot of the picture tells us about how Christ angrily expels merchants and changed from the temple. They try to flee by grabbing their money. The artist carefully tried to convey all the emotions, emphasizing their expression on their faces changed.

Rembrandt later repeated his painting in etching, which he created in 1635.

The painting "The Expulsion of Traders from the Temple" is painted in oil on a parquet board. The size of the board is 43x32 cm.

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