Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "The spill of the Volga near Yaroslavl"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Alexei Savrasov in the formation of his creative personality was not easy, because at that time the landscape genre of painting in Russia was only developing, and to identify yourself on this site was worth a lot of work. However, he managed to identify his individual approach to painting landscapes, which is clearly visible in the film "The flood of the Volga near Yaroslavl."

The artist outlined his poetic abilities into paintings, thereby breathing in them notes of romanticism and soul. He perfectly felt the awakening of nature from hibernation, its relaxedness and the blossoming beauty. March was the artist’s favorite month, filled with the genuine purity of the first flowers and gradually melting snow. He believed that the true beauty is that which you see through ordinary things, add up in the mind. Comparing this statement with the months of the year, he drew attention to May, when a riot of colors around sometimes burned his eyes.

Regarding this work, here the viewer observes the expanses, sustained in one gamut of colors. The creator's favorite river in this case flooded several villages, casually splashing around. In the sky you can see a flock of birds returning to the south after a gloomy winter. According to Savrasov, birds are direct

An omen of the arrival of spring.

The artist also depicted a boat with people who are trying to get to a fire place in the distance, and small blocks of ice float past them. The viewer, peering into the picture, gets a sense of the unimaginable greatness of Mother Nature, who so loudly and clearly declares herself with the help of unbridled elements. A large area is occupied by the horizon and the sky on the canvas. It personifies a certain protest to the reaction of people about the flood. Thus, in the work there is a harmony of warring emotions and a feeling of approaching warmth.

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