Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Lion Hunt in Morocco”

Description of the painting by Eugene Delacroix “Lion Hunt in Morocco”

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Delacroix writes his picture The Lion Hunt in Morocco in 1854 based on the recollections of twenty years ago about a trip to East Africa. The style of painting, the emotional tension of the captured scene of the preparation for the battle with the beast of two hunters is quite typical for Delacroix, but clearly stood out among the adherents of classicism, which still dominated the art of France in the mid-19th century.

Most of the works by Eugene Delacroix write on literary or historical subjects, especially impressing the artist, choosing the moment of apotheosis of an event or a certain anticipation of a climax, when all the participants in the scene - both nature and people - are still in turmoil before the last minute, but the knives are already brought in for a fatal blow , the guns are loaded, glasses of poison are prepared.

So the hunt in Morocco reflected a second before the clash of people with angry lions. Two hunters ambushed under a tree on a small rocky cliff near a mountain river. Their bright red and almost snow-white robes contrast sharply with the shade of a tree and rocks, somewhat unnatural bends of the arms and feet, a naked blade in the foreground of the picture - all this underlines the still restrained clot of energy, which in an instant will turn into a difficult fight with a beast with an unpredictable outcome . Under the cliff, two more Arabs are trying to calm the horse tearing with fear. The blinding blue sky and mountain stream cut the deep shadow of the tree and rocks, disrupting the overall light balance of the image, which enhances the dynamism of the plot against the backdrop of a pacifying mountain landscape.

While working on the painting, Eugene Delacroix simultaneously makes sketches for his big Lion Hunt, the theme of which he again chooses, already for the World Exhibition in Paris in 1855. So the founders of romanticism, traveling around exotic countries, brought a new bright style and unusual subjects to the culture of the academic The old world

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