Description of the painting Caravaggio "Crucifixion of St. Peter"

Description of the painting Caravaggio

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Caravaggio is considered to be not only the best master in the history of the development of art, but also one of the most striking and talented representatives of such a style of drawing and displaying paintings as baroque. A little later, it was this style, not without the help of Caravaggio, that replaced other, equally popular and even known styles, with its popularity.

Such styles, which could displace the Baroque, include, for example, mannerism. Thanks to his features and manner of display, he was able to make a real revolution, first in Rome, and then, after that, on the territory of Naples.

What is noteworthy is that the artist as a person was very disgusting, so almost everyone who somehow related to his environment tried to avoid him. And, despite its disgusting character, it is on a par with the most influential and respected artists of the Baroque style in Italy of the 17th century.

He painted his painting, which depicts the crucifixion of St. Peter, specially commissioned by the church in 1601. Along with this, he painted Damascus two other paintings. Only through these four works he became a popular, influential and authoritative artist of Rome.

It should be noted that not every church authority considered the work he created as unholy and vulgar. But there were those who did not accept some of his work because of the ugly appearance of the characters.

In the picture, the artist most vividly and colorfully reflected the torment that Peter I had to go through. According to history, Peter himself insisted that he be crucified from the bottom up, so that the crucifixion process would not look like the crucifixion of Christ.

Here, as in almost all works, the artist deprives the viewer of all the details if he believes that they are not needed. That is, it is a dark background, so attention is focused on the figure of Peter.

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