Description of Francois Boucher’s painting “The Toilet of Venus”

Description of Francois Boucher’s painting “The Toilet of Venus”

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The picture depicts Venus - the goddess of love. She is completely naked, she covers only part of her body with a sheet. She looks like a doll made of porcelain - the same big and doll eyes, almost unnaturally white skin, a mischievous look in the direction of one of Cupids, playing with her beads next to her. Her body is painted in rare and not the most natural colors. Boucher did not seek to show her ideal, because, according to his own statement, nature is not ideal. And if it is not such among people, then why should the goddess be necessarily perfect? However, she resembles the palace lady of the time.

The picture is filled with many small details. The curls of the goddess are curled, and the Cupids seem to be trying to dress her. But it is noticeable that they are much more interested in playing with her hair and jewelry on the floor than helping her to dress up. Venus on this canvas is not the most modest forms, her body breathes health. She sits on the sofa, stretching one leg forward and pulling the other to her. A heavy-looking sofa even looks luxurious, a voluminous gold ornament runs along its back, and the sofa itself is pulled in light silk. A dove coo coo near her feet. He fluffed his feathers and looks at the goddess, not taking his eyes off.

The second dove comfortably settled in the arms of Venus and did not try to get out, and he paid no attention to the cooing of the dove at the feet of the goddess. Near the sofa is a large copper kettle. Next to him is an empty wine jug and flowers torn from stems. A heavy, white-yellow blanket hangs from the sofa on which Venus sits.

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