Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer "Feast of the Rosary"

Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer

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Here is the most recognizable work of Albrecht Durer, on which the artist worked for several years in Italy. The San Bartholomew Church for German parishioners living in Italy ordered this painting work from the super-popular at that time Dürer.

In a private correspondence with his acquaintance, Dürer wrote about the growing trend towards the use of bright colors, rich colors, therefore, striving to surpass the popular painters of that time, he embodies in his work all the fashion trends of that time, because the picture is full of bright colors, incredibly vibrant and dynamic, the atmosphere of the plot of the canvas seems truly festive. In the same correspondence, Dürer noted his fears about the envy of local artists, said that he was worried that he might be poisoned, sensing the growing attention around him.

The plot of the canvas is based on the image of the Dominican custom of monks who used wooden rosaries in the implementation of sacraments and prayers. Unlike the paraphernalia of other nations, Dominicans used beads, painted contrasting white and red. Traditionally, white in culture symbolizes the joy of the Virgin - the Virgin Mary, red - the suffering of Christ. On a towering throne trimmed with green fringe, the Virgin Mary sits with the baby Jesus.

The worshipers knelt down before the throne, bowing their heads humbly. Two figures of worshipers are depicted in front of Virgin Mary: this is Pope Julius II, the head of the clergy (left) and Emperor Maximilian the First with his retinue (right). Everyone gathered that day was honored to receive rose wreaths.

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