Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “The Red House”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “The Red House”

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For some reason, it occurred to Kazimir Malevich to separate the house into a separate whole picture. The goals are not very clear, but the artist knows better. Exactly the same house has already been seen in Casimir’s paintings, such as “A Complex Foreboding” and “Running Man”. Only in these paintings is the house in the background, in a reduced form. Here he is the central “character”.

An ordinary rectangle of bright red color, implying, apparently, a brick, covered with a black trapezoid-roof. But, notice how this roof looks like a coffin lid, the windows have just been painted! Of course, this is not just.

There is no soul, fields, horizon, space lifeless, practically dead. And in the midst of this deserted place is a red (blood color) house, covered in black (the color of death, mourning) with a “coffin lid”. Is it not a symbol of human values ​​clogged up forever, walled up positive emotions, concreted feelings ?!

Or maybe this building is a terrible and bloody State Security Committee? It doesn’t matter which one, in Moscow Lubyanka or the Leningrad Liteiny, or what it is, what matters is that this house is a symbol of endless torment and torment, abandonment and loneliness, God - and hatred ...

And when you decode this picture precisely from this point of view, Malevich's isolation of this image of fear and death into a separate picture becomes understandable and justified. After all, the artist himself has been to this institution several times. Although he was luckier than many others: he was released after some time.

But, according to the testimonies of citizens who were there, even the walls moan there, and therefore, even a short stay there was enough for the avant-garde artist to pour out all his fear and all his hatred on the canvas that we see (and not only on it )

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