Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “Interior of the library of the landowner’s house”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “Interior of the library of the landowner’s house”

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The artist Stanislav Zhukovsky is a famous landscape painter of the late XIX century, working in the style of impressionism and realism. The strict principle of writing “from nature” is reflected in the interior painting of the artist.

Stanislav Yulianovich searches for inspiration and travel stories throughout Russia and writes the decoration and rooms of both rich and poor houses. The detail and individuality of the artist’s interiors served the purpose of demonstrating the character and psychological portrait of his owners. In addition, in a series of these paintings changes and innovations in architecture and design are traced.

On the example of the painting “Interior of the library of the landlord’s house”, the circumstance that the interiors of Stanislav Zhukovsky are not staged, they are real, live in them, is also obvious. There is not a single extra detail in the image of the library. Interior items are carefully selected.

The room is clean and unobtrusive luxury, which indicates the accuracy and frugality of its owners. In the foreground is a shiny lacquered wood table with a beautiful carved leg. The walls are decorated with paintings in gilded frames. A vase in the corner on the pedestal hints at the high status of the owners. A wardrobe and chest of drawers showcase a rich collection of books.

Through large windows with a general atmosphere of emotional mood, a visible landscape echoes. The unity of the interior and the surrounding nature is one of the inherent features of the works of this genre. The view from the window plays with a riot of greenery and solar heat, in accordance with the bright juicy colors of the interior.

Nature at S. Zhukovsky brings the breath of life to the atmosphere of inanimate objects, acting as a face and a reflection of the mood of the inhabitants of the interior.

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