Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Sleeping Children”

Description of the painting by Vasily Perov “Sleeping Children”

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The Russian artist Perov was able to find beautiful features in the ordinary, and in the best light show them in his paintings. The work "Sleeping Children" was created in 1870. On the canvas we see a simple genre scene. Two children are lying in an old barn, immersed in a serene deep sleep.

The poverty of the situation is striking. In the village barn, straw is lying on the floor, a wicker basket with things is visible on the side. Children perched on a crumpled sheet. The girl lies on the pillow, propping her head with her palm.

It is noticeable with what trepidation and tenderness Perov writes asleep children. Involuntarily you begin to admire the beauty and naturalness of their condition. Barefooted, modestly dressed, these guys seem happy in their sweet oblivion. The girl has simple beads around her neck. But even with such an elementary single decoration, the natural beauty of the heroine is immediately noticeable.

The boy lies almost all in the shade, covered with a fur mat. The figure of the girl is illuminated by warm sunshine that has broken through the barn. But this does not bother her at all to sleep in infantile sound sleep.

The painter did a great job on the smallest details of the canvas. We see how diligently each straw is depicted, the rods of a large basket, fragments of fabric and figures of children. The color scheme of the picture seems monotonous, but it is definitely warm and sincere.

Brown, yellow and wheat colors form the basis of the picture. On the skin of the guys you can see a tan and a blush. Their immediacy attracts and does not tear oneself away from the picture. The author was able to successfully embody the idea of ​​genre painting by artistic methods. The excellent play of shadow and light on the canvas indicates the high skill of the artist.

The painting “Sleeping Children” appealed to critics and was highly appreciated by the international cultural community. She can be seen in the famous Tretyakov collection.

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