Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Housewarming"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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The idea of ​​Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin was extremely simple and realistic: the end of the Civil War at the beginning of the 20th century, the distribution of apartments to workers and military apartments that previously belonged to the bourgeoisie. One of these apartments, received by a young man sitting at a table with a pipe in his hands. Housewarming.

Consider some of the most important fragments of the canvas.

To the right of the new owner sits a man who raised his hand. This is the main storyteller. Notice, not the owner, not his settlement is being discussed, but some experiences and stories of a man with a raised hand.

Outside the window, the Peter and Paul Fortress is clearly visible, which means that this dwelling is elite, because it stands on the Palace Embankment. However, can a bourgeois have a poor hut ?!

Near the potbelly stove on which the kettle is heating (and what you wanted, the war has just ended, many more work is to restore normal life, for example, inserting glass instead of plywood over the head of a young man by the window), there is a former front-line soldier who survived, but with a broken arm, and next to it is a modest woman in a pink dress. They secluded themselves, despite being in society, and cooing.

A nursing mother sitting by a potbelly stove is a clear reference to the Madonna, no matter which artist, any!

There are several comparisons in the picture of the rich structure of the former owner and the simple life of the present: an expensive chair (empty, by the way!) And a wooden stool; good carpet and a little cheap rug; chic paintings in gilded frames and a poor table (in the sense - a treat) on the occasion of the holiday; a huge luxurious dressing table, crossed by a rusty pipe.

In the upper right corner hangs an empty frame. In fact, this is a salary, only the icons are no longer provided for by the new system.

It is obvious that the artist had planned everything in advance, carefully prepared where to put whom and what, and only then he wrote according to the plan. It turned out well, a lot of characters, different and at the same time the same, living with a common idea, a lot of household items, the only minus is the color scheme of the whole composition: like, housewarming, holiday - but it's dull, boring ...

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