Description of the painting by Vasily Maksimov “Future Artist”

Description of the painting by Vasily Maksimov “Future Artist”

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By origin, the peasant, Vasily Maximov, early became interested in painting. The peasants in his paintings are not just barefoot people in poor clothes, but first of all, inspired faces, true emotions and the best qualities of the Russian people. The boy, lit by the bright summer sun, standing against the wall of the temple is carried away by the same occupation as once the connoisseur himself. Little Vasily painted where he could: on the stove, on a piece of paper, on the walls. The passion for drawing was awakened by the mother of the future artist, who patiently washed the walls and brought paper and pencil.

Spending time in the village, Maximov established friendly and warm relations with peasants who agreed to pose for him. Residents missed him on long trips, and when they appeared, they treated him as a dear guest.

And Maximov especially loved peasant children, whose images sound sincerely and deeply. This is a living, filled with light, the picture is thought out and experienced, the enthusiastic figure of the boy is not static, she lives in motion.

The work "Future Artist" was written by one of the last in 1899. When new realities come to replace the old foundations of life, artistic preferences change. Maximov is in need and misery, continuing to talk about the Russian people in his works.y

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