Description of the monument to Laike

Description of the monument to Laike

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Everyone knows that the first visitors to outer space were animals, not humans. But the mongrel Laika was the first to be put into orbit. She made four turns above the ground until she died.

On the third of November, the fifty-seventh year was marked by the fact that the Country of the Soviets launched the Sputnik-2 orbiting spacecraft. On board was a regular yard dog of a bright color, nicknamed Laika. She did not return from outer space, as it was thought out in advance.

The dog was supposed to spend a week in orbit, but died a few hours later. The reasons were overheating. Because the satellite has shifted a little from its orbit. And his movements became oval. What raised the temperature inside the device.

With these studies, scientists have shown that living organisms can be in cosmic zero gravity. They will be able to survive a long time in non-existence. Since there were still flights of Squirrels and Arrows, who returned to their home planet healthy and unscathed.

The USSR was proud of the feat that Laika did. And the modern generation decided to pay tribute for their contribution to the development of space. Therefore, in two thousand eight, a sculpture of Laika was installed in the capital. The author of the creation is Sergey Pakhomov, and the architect Pavel Medvedev helped him.

The entire pedestal has a length of 3 meters 85 centimeters, and weighs almost two tons. The base and the rocket are made of cast iron, and the mongrel figure is cast in bronze.

The opening of the monument took place on April 11, 2008, on the eve of Cosmonautics Day. It was installed near the institute of military medicine. The sculpture consists of a two-meter rocket, smoothly passing into the hand. There is a dog on it. She is depicted proudly standing, showing everyone that she was able to complete the cosmic experience. And all Muscovites are proud of this monument, showing guests the first Soviet cosmonaut.

Painting Rye Shishkin

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