Description of the painting by Nikolai Dubovsky “Quiet”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Dubovsky “Quiet”

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The painting Quietly belongs to the brush of the Russian painter N. Canvas was painted in 1890.

According to the artist’s plan, the main attention of the viewer was to focus on the raging water element. The picture was supposed to disturb and at the same time arouse the curiosity of the viewer. The end result exceeded all the artist's expectations.

The central place on the canvas is reserved for thunderclouds, thickened over the evening sea. The lower edges of the clouds are already covered by the blackness that precedes a major hurricane. The upper parts of the clouds are still white. They are well lit by the setting sun and reflected in the blackening sea waters.

The situation in the picture suggests that the storm is getting closer every second, its onset is inexorable. It is impossible to prevent what nature had in mind, because people who froze in a boat trying to reach the shore have no choice but to wait.

A small vessel is barely noticeable against the background of shadows cast by a thunderous sky. The coast to which it strives so stubbornly is still far away, which causes the viewer to experience an animal fear of an impending storm and the unknown that he promises to those who were not lucky enough to be in a remote boat and experience the riot of nature on themselves.

The thunderclouds are so huge that it seems that they exist separately from the canvas and are about to break free to burst into thunder and rain over the head of a gapeous spectator.

In the foreground of the picture is the sea, while the background of the canvas is a thin strip of land with the city located on it. Despite the fact that when painting was used dark shades of paint, the resulting canvas does not look gloomy, which, in fact, manifested a remarkable talent of the artist.

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