Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Girl with apples Irina Kustodieva"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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The author of many bright, cheerful paintings, B. Kustodiev throughout his creative life created more than a dozen paintings dedicated to the family: his wife - Julia Evstafievna and children - the elder Cyril and the younger Irish. Love and family happiness are clearly discerned in light, colorful, airy works.

The first portrait of Irina’s little daughter in 1905 was made in the form of a pencil drawing and, as the artist’s notes indicate, four hours after her birth. A charming smile shines on an infant's clear face. A simple and lively drawing laid the foundation for a whole gallery of wonderful paintings.

Irina Kustodieva can be called the favorite and best model of the artist. He painted it in the arms of his wife, in the family circle at the table, imprinted her first steps; Irina with fruits, flowers, animals and dolls is always beautiful, ruddy, healthy and smartly dressed.

“Girl with Apples” - a 1918 work. A Russian artist wrote to her: “Portrait of Irina Kustodieva.” This canvas depicts a portrait of a daughter in profile. The bowl in the hands of a thirteen-year-old girl goes beyond the borders of the picture. The viewer can see several fruits of ripe yellow apples with a blush.

The girl's face is childishly pretty, long golden hair tucked over the shoulders with a lush orange bow. The dark blue dress does not attract attention, as well as the background of the portrait, made in dark brown tones. The model’s look, focused and serious, gives her a young girl, tender and thoughtful.

"Girl with apples" is made in the style of realism. Dense layers of oil paint thicken on the canvas in shaded areas. Glares of light smoothly fall on Ira’s face, hair, dress and fruits in her hands, making the picture come to life and reliably tell the audience about the life of the beloved daughter of a beautiful Russian artist.

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