Description of Marc Chagall's painting “The White Crucifix”

Description of Marc Chagall's painting “The White Crucifix”

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This is one of the best creations of Chagall. Here, the artist’s constant thoughts about what is happening in his modern world are fully embodied. Thoughts are incredibly tragic. The tones of the Apocalypse became the main ones in the painter's works, written before the war itself. Crucifixion takes first place among them.

The viewer does not see any unusual interpretation of the famous plot of the Gospel. The artist depicts a modern image. In its center we see the characteristic figure of Christ crucified, as well as scenes of pogroms of Jews.

In this painting, the piercing feeling of incredible tragedy is fully revealed. Christ fully symbolizes here not only the suffering of all Jews, but also of all people. In a world where wars are constantly fought, no one can be truly happy.

Chagall paints a picture that very year, when the Nazis staged a series of murders of the innocent Jewish people. If you look closely at the background of this grandiose creation, you can see many small scenes. Each of them is amazing. They reflected disasters, pogroms, devastation and persecution.

Christ, who was crucified on the cross, as if suffering for all people and for what was done. On Christ we see the traditional attire for liturgies. This is a white thales with characteristic black stripes.

Incredibly significant white ray. He crosses this canvas (it is directed from top to bottom). This detail becomes the personification that the picture depicts God. Jewish injunction forbade drawing God. This ray illuminates Christ and becomes the personification that death is destroyed. It seems that the savior simply fell asleep, and not died. This picture impresses with its incredible power. Chagall was able to masterfully convey the calmness of flour, which cannot destroy hope. It is no coincidence that the canvas is much appreciated.

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