Description of Titian's painting “Venus and Adonis”

Description of Titian's painting “Venus and Adonis”

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The plot of this canvas is the dramatic story of two lovers of Venus and Adonis.

The artist Vecellio Titian created a painting commissioned by the Spanish king. Philip II greatly appreciated the beauty of the naked female body, so the painting "Venus and Adonis" was a wonderful wedding gift for the ruler.

The main characters of the canvas are the goddess Venus and the beautiful young man Adonis. He was born as a result of the incestuous union of Myrtle with her father. For this, the gods punished the woman and turned her into a tree. After some time, Adonis was born, emerging from a tree trunk.

Venus at first sight madly in love with the young man, as the mischievous Cupid struck her heart with his arrow. She knew the predictions that a sad fate awaits her beloved - he will be killed by a boar during a hunt.

The goddess believed that Adonis could be stopped and misfortune avoided. But fate fulfilled a cruel prophecy. At the place where Adonis shed his blood, roses bloomed. And the tears shed by Venus turned into anemones.

The picture depicts the scene of that fateful day when the stubborn young man did not succumb to the entreaties of the goddess and lost his life. Venus grips him tightly in his arms. Prayer and suffering are expressed in her gaze. She knows that this meeting may turn out to be the last and is trying with all her might to keep her beloved.

Adonis's face is determined and indifferent. He is not going to backtrack. Everything is ready for the hunt, the dogs are harnessed. The first rays of the sun, breaking through the morning haze, announce that it is time to hit the road. Not far from under the sprawling tree, Cupid is quietly dozing. He is indifferent to love suffering.

Today, the canvas is under protection in the Madrid Prado Museum. It was written in 1553. Titian completed his work with oil on canvas.

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