Description of the medal of Fyodor Tolstoy “Battle of Borodino”

Description of the medal of Fyodor Tolstoy “Battle of Borodino”

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Fedor Tolstoy was one of the most talented and outstanding artists who lived in the 19th century. His work included paintings, sculptures and medals. He mastered in many areas of art and mastered many techniques and executive techniques.

Contemporaries of the author immensely admired his work. To have his work in his possession was considered a great honor.

The idea to try himself in medal art came to Tolstoy not by chance. He joined the Monetary Department. Later, he made a huge contribution to the medal plastics of those times. On medals, he began to depict scenes that excitedly excite the public, such as the great wars and battles. One of his best ideas was the image of the Battle of Borodino.

On this medal, made in 1812, four silhouettes of men are embossed. One of them is a glorious Russian warrior who entered into an unequal battle with his enemies. He is dressed in Slavic armor. The hero stands firmly on the ground in a determined and tense pose.

Opponents attack him, but they cannot win. After all, the Russian spirit will not break, as well as the body. One of them has already been defeated and lies motionless at the feet of a warrior. The other seemed to have lost his balance. And the third is still ready for a fight, but he holds the blade so as to protect himself, because he no longer has the strength to attack.

The artist put into his work his personal attitude to the courage and indomitability of Russian soldiers. For their native land, they were always ready to join the battle, even doomed to lose in advance, but in the end the victory still remained with them.

Creative expression was the meaning of the life of Fedor Tolstoy. The love and interest of the audience for him was the most worthy award. This wonderful artist, with his talent and work, was able to ensure that his name has remained for centuries.

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