Description of the painting Giotto di Bondone “Flight into Egypt”

Description of the painting Giotto di Bondone “Flight into Egypt”

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Artist Giotto in his work talks about an event that relates to the infancy of Jesus Christ. An angel appeared outside to his father Joseph and informed the will of God about the flight of the holy family to Egypt.

Herod, the evil and treacherous king, ruled at that time. He learned that the King of the whole world was born and decided to kill him, but he did not know exactly who this baby was and how to get it. Herod, fearing for his power, ordered the extermination of all infants under two years of age. This plot is of great importance to the church.

The picture is called “Flight”, but it is least like flight, in the sense of movement, we see an important procession, which is important, slowly walking through the desert. The procession is important, without rushing, it is clear that the King of the world is marching. Giotto very importantly described not only people, but also animals. The picture is compositionally reminiscent of a deity.

The basis of the pyramid is a donkey, and the top is Our Lady and Jesus Christ. The donkey shows the humility with which Jesus Christ appeared in the world. He came not as the Great Lord, but as a defenseless baby who is forced to flee from death, looking for refuge in the far side, walking on the most humble animal.

The Virgin and Child ride a donkey led by Joseph - these are the main characters in the picture. This is one of the main biblical stories. Giotto portrayed in his picture three young people, youths and one woman. The children are Joseph's children from their first marriage, and the woman is a maid, an assistant to the Virgin Mary on the way.

In the distance you can see a palm tree. Palm is a symbol of the victory of good over evil. The church considers the palm a symbol that Jesus Christ conquered death.

In the distance you can see several trees, they are the messengers of victory, accompanying the holy family on the way. Also on the way, they are protected by angels, in this figure one angel is seen accompanying the Virgin Mary with the baby, opening them the way to salvation. It is as if an angel sanctifies the road and accompanies it forward to life.

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