Description of the painting by Nikolai Sergeyev “Haymaking”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Sergeyev “Haymaking”

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For a peasant, summer is not a great time for relaxation, but a time of hard work, because, as they say, it feeds winter day on a summer day. Sergeev depicted the most quivering topic - haymaking. After all, it was at this time that people's dependence on nature was visible. The grass must grow, there will be a lot of sun and little rain - the cattle will be left without food, the grass will burn. During mowing, if it rains, the grass will rot, and again it will be difficult to feed the peasant cattle.

At this time, no one is sitting without work. We see in the picture a family who went to the field for more than one day. They even took with them bulls that were harnessed, most likely ready to haul hay. The place for haymaking turned out to be notable: nearby forest, water. At water, the grass is always stronger, juicier. By the fact that the artist depicted the harnessed oxen, we see that the hot season is coming to an end. Clouds are gathering in the sky, it's time to finish work.

For the preparation of feed is spent quite a bit of effort. Most likely the composition of this family is not small. The artist depicted four men finishing a mowing, they still have a small area near a reservoir. Women in the distance rake the grass, collecting it in a stack. Everyone is tired. This is evident because a woman with fatigue drinks water directly from a jug, a man comes to her and lit a braid on her shoulder, most likely her husband. A woman rakes grass, next to the cart are a rake left for a short time.

This family is not the only one on the field. Most likely the area is divided into several plots given to different families. In the distance you can see the heads of the peasants, dressed in white hats, who put quite a few stacks. There is no grass left in the meadow, it stands empty, with stacks set up - the result of its difficult peasant labor. Green stacks, just mowed down, indicate a difficult time, when forgetting about fatigue and midges, you need to continue your business. Now the cart is harnessed, and the oxen are ready. Home soon.

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