Description of Valentin Serov's painting Self-Portrait

Description of Valentin Serov's painting Self-Portrait

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Probably, all the famous portrait painters more than once depicted themselves on the canvases of paintings. For someone, the creative path began with this, and someone drew images of himself at the very end. In 1880, with his own self-portrait, he began his creative career, which holds great promise, the artist Valentin Serov, who studies skills at Repin himself. From birth, he grew up in a family of talented parents, and this played an important role in the development of his artistic abilities.

The picture, which depicts a young painter, is painted in oil on canvas. There are no clear lines on it, the image consists of strokes. Greenish-gray and light brown shades dominate the color composition. The artist possessed an amazing ability to express the character and state of mind of a person, which may be why he was called the master in painting portraits.

On the canvas, the viewer sees Serov’s deep, emerald-colored eyes, which have an attractive and even somewhat hypnotic effect. His gaze is attentive and focused. The eyes, as you know, are able to reflect the essence of man, and the artist had a very complex and controversial character. His slightly wavy blond hair rests on his forehead with naughty locks.

The artist’s face is framed by a small beard and a line of whiskers above the lips of the same color as hair and eyebrows. Light falls on the canvas from the right corner of the picture, this emphasizes the straight and correct line of his nose. Serov's lips are tightly compressed, which is characteristic of a complex and pensive creative person.

Writing his own self-portrait was for Serov, in his own way, a personal exam for skill. He made a deep analysis of his appearance and criticized him. As a result of this, the artist transferred his exact reflection in the mirror to the canvas.

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