Description of the painting by Ivan Kozlovsky "Still Life"

Description of the painting by Ivan Kozlovsky

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I.I. Kozlovsky is a great artist who was very able to write still lifes. One of the most popular works is the painting "Still Life". The artist displayed a combination of fruits with pumpkin and flowers. A peculiar autumn composition, gifts of nature. Still life serves as a table decoration. Wooden worktop of incredible beauty handmade.

The abundance of fruits makes you want to try juicy fruits. On the table are grapes, currants and plums. The main role is played by a pumpkin, which is cut. Its bright flesh indicates the ripeness of the fetus and attracts tasting. It can be seen that the fruits are fresh and juicy. Flowers successfully complement the composition and give it a mood. The play of light allows you to see fruits in various colors. The colors of the berries shade each other, and the bright pumpkin emphasizes the variety of shades. The fruits are juicy and seemingly transparent; even a seed can be seen at the plums.

The artist shows the wealth of the Russian land, its priceless gifts. The fruits are depicted so realistically that you can literally feel their taste. Near the pumpkin there are roses; they emphasize the fruits favorably. The flowers are beautiful and fresh, dew drops can be seen on the petals. It seems that the aroma of these flowers envelops the autumn gifts and complements the overall picture. Flowers seem to exude the sun's rays, thereby illuminating the fruits and filling them with fabulous energy. Grapes slightly covers the pumpkin, as if protecting it.

The artist could accurately convey the mood with the help of fruit compositions. He realistically showed the variety of gifts of nature. Looking at the paintings by Kozlovsky, I want to try the composition, so the artist successfully manages to display the ripened gifts of nature.

The author attached great importance to his still lifes. He prescribed every element, every berry. Clear and small strokes make the image pronounced, and a dark background emphasizes the brightness of the color and sets the necessary accents.

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