Description of the painting by Evgeny Shirokov “Friends”

Description of the painting by Evgeny Shirokov “Friends”

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The main characters of the work "Friends" are a boy and a dog. The boy is dressed in home clothes and gently strokes his pet. It is evident that the four-legged friend is devoted to his master, she looks at him, understands, but cannot say anything.

The dog’s pinched ear speaks of her concentration; she seems to understand the boy and sympathize with him. Sadness can be seen in the animal’s gaze, it can be seen that the dog feels that the boy wants to tell her.

The mood is transmitted to the animal. Perhaps the boy’s problem is small, a deuce at school, but for him at this age everything is perceived acutely. It can be seen that they are real friends. It is felt that the boy is sad and seeks understanding from his pet. The sadness of the dog is also due to the inability to help the boy, she can only support and listen to him.

The boy is sitting in shoes, probably he is deep in thought and wanted to quickly share his mood with his four-legged friend. In the picture, invisible bright light or incident sunlight. The light moment also shows the sad mood of the heroes.

The whole picture is painted in dark colors and conveys the general mood of sadness. The red sofa symbolizes anxiety. The background of the wall is dull and discreet. The whole atmosphere creates a tense atmosphere.

The artist very realistically conveyed the essence of true friendship. After all, friends not only share joy, but also sadness. True friendship can only be experienced in trouble. Apparently for the boy, the dog is the closest friend and listener. The animal, in turn, sits calmly and obediently.

Perhaps this communication between two friends is not uncommon. Often at this age, children are asked to get a dog. For them, this may be an opportunity to find the only loyal friend who is so lacking in real life. After all, a true friend is tested for years.

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